Educational Consulting Services


Portfolio College Counseling offers private, virtual one-on-one counseling, while assisting you to prepare for holistic application reviews. We advise students at any stage of the application process. From high school sophomores to graduate students we have experience helping students across the education spectrum. We also advise career-changers and other independent educational consultants (IECs) looking to add knowledge on advising this sector. We work with you developing a custom, comprehensive set of objectives with coordinated services. A typical comprehensive plan is 20-40 hours.


Examples of specific project-based college counseling

  • Portfolio Development
  • College List Generation
  • Essay Assistance
  • Career Exploration

This plan is also beneficial for students working with a school counselor or other IEC. A typical project-based plan is 6-10 hours.


Students receive an assessment, evaluation and written critique of existing artworks or portfolio. We highlight strengths and weaknesses, and include suggestions to enhance work to develop your artistic practice. Additionally, this option includes a review of your college list. Flat fee.


Short-term guidance for specific elements of the application process. Consultation with arts or other counseling professionals may also be available for specific majors. Minimum of two hours.

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Let's Connect

Finding the right college counselor is the key step in a successful college planning process. To help decide whether our services are the best path forward for students, we offer a 20-minute, complimentary phone meeting to introduce ourselves, get to know you and explain our process. Afterward, we’ll prepare a written proposal to outline our plan for working with you, that includes a suggested sequence and associated fees. Each plan for counseling is customized, based on the student’s abilities, skills and educational objectives.