College Transfer Admissions Counseling

Switching Gears: the Transfer Process

Whether you want to transfer from a community college to a four-year university or from one college to another, Portfolio College Counseling can guide your process. We can even help you if your chosen major no longer suits your interests.

At PCC, our transfer counselors understand that applying to art and design programs is a lot of work. Between gathering art samples for your portfolio, writing supplemental essays, and submitting the required academic criteria, you might be unsure where to start. We advise students on how to build their applications and find programs that align with their interests. Our team aims to help you make a smooth transition.

Identifying the Right Program for You

Are you unsatisfied with your current course of study? If you want to change your major and explore your options within visual art or design, we can help you. Portfolio College Counseling has years of experience guiding students through the unique process of transferring to a new school or major.

First, we’ll get to know you as a student with unique needs, skills, and interests. We’ll review your current program, looking specifically at the things you love and those that leave you dissatisfied. There may be a better major or concentration at your school. Or, perhaps we’ll discover that transferring to an entirely new school would be better.

Understanding the Transfer Process

One of the questions we’re often asked is, “How do I transfer colleges?” In fact, many students never consider this option because they’re so put off by the process. We’ll get you familiar with every step so that you can consider it fully.

You may also wonder how the credits you have already earned will transfer. Although it varies from college to college, we’ll help you decipher and understand which credits may carry over and why.

Developing a Timeline

Once we have a clear understanding of your reasons and goals for transferring, we’ll prepare a step-by-step plan and timeline for you with key dates and application requirements for each of the colleges you are considering.

Our college advisors will help you keep track of the transfer admission requirements throughout the application process.

Revising and Submitting Your Portfolio

Chances are, you have changed significantly as a student and artist since you started college. We’ll guide you to analyze and update your current work. An outstanding portfolio is key to a successful transfer in the art and design fields. Together, we’ll review your current work and create a plan to meet and exceed college transfer requirements.

Contact PCC for Guidance with the College Transfer Admissions Process

College transfer students have a lot on their plates. You not only have to finish up courses at your current school, but you also need to gather all the application materials required to switch schools.

When you work with PCC, you don’t need to handle this process alone. We offer students a free 20-minute virtual meeting to introduce ourselves, explain our transfer counseling process, and get to know you. We’ll build a personalized plan to help you complete your transfer application.

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Finding the right college counselor is the key step in a successful college planning process. To help decide whether our services are the best path forward for students, we offer a 20-minute, complimentary phone meeting to introduce ourselves, get to know you and explain our process. Afterward, we’ll prepare a written proposal to outline our plan for working with you, that includes a suggested sequence and associated fees. Each plan for counseling is customized, based on the student’s abilities, skills and educational objectives.