Visual Arts and Design Counseling

Every Picture Tells a Story

Enrolling in a college art or design program presents a fantastic opportunity for students who want to develop their artistic practice. Students in these programs have unique experiences and learn transferable skills that set them apart as they enter the ever-evolving creative job market.

For art and design students, a portfolio of visual work is often required when applying to undergraduate programs. The portfolio your student develops is their opportunity to showcase their talent and visually demonstrate why they deserve a spot at a college or university. They not only want to include work they’re proud of, but they also want to ensure the artwork they submit conveys creative, expressive and technical skills and aligns with their artistic goals. Portfolio College Counseling provides students with a one-of-a-kind college advising experience to help them stand out from the crowd.

One-on-One Artistic College Counseling

We work closely with a limited number of students each year so that we can truly get to know each one. Portfolio College Counseling is a team of expert advisors who facilitate one-on-one, inquiry-based conversations that enable our students to evolve and mature their art practice to better articulate their creative experiences and goals.

Our Team Helps Students Develop and Present their Art and Design Portfolios

Applying to a balanced list of art and design programs takes thought and effort. Prospective students might find the portfolio development and application process challenging, especially when they must also submit essays and meet additional academic criteria.

Our portfolio advisors have extensive art and design backgrounds and will work with your student to build a portfolio submission they feel confident in. Before we begin the portfolio development process, we will:

  • Meet with the student so we understand their academic and artistic goals
  • Ask the student to share their work with us
  • Evaluate the student’s artwork, including drafts, sketches, and completed pieces
  • Determine your student’s artistic strengths
  • Identify areas for improvement

Once we start the portfolio development process, we will:

  • Help your student create a list of the art and design programs they want to apply to
  • Guide your student as they cultivate their unique artistic style
  • Help your student brainstorm ideas for new work to include in their final portfolios
  • Discuss the portfolio requirements for each college on their list
  • Develop written descriptions to provide context for each work of art

The landscape of college admission is evolving. Universities are looking for students who will bring something NEW to their programs. At Portfolio College Counseling, we’ll guide you beyond documenting final pieces of art. Your portfolio will demonstrate your ideas and process as an artist from concept to completion. This style of whole-process thinking is the newest trend in preparing college portfolios. Curious about what other industry-leading knowledge we have?

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Finding the right college counselor is the key step in a successful college planning process. To help decide whether our services are the best path forward for students, we offer a 20-minute, complimentary phone meeting to introduce ourselves, get to know you and explain our process. Afterward, we’ll prepare a written proposal to outline our plan for working with you, that includes a suggested sequence and associated fees. Each plan for counseling is customized, based on the student’s abilities, skills and educational objectives.