Art Portfolios for College

art portfolio preparationFor students that want to pursue higher education in creative fields, careful and directive art portfolio preparation is an integral part of the application process. This curation of your creative works is a major part of what colleges will consider when deciding your admissions status. At Portfolio College Counseling, we specialize in providing students with practical information and insightful guidance to help them achieve their creative career goals.

Services for Art Students

Creative students that want to advance their education in fields like architecture, design, film, fine art or fashion will benefit from our art portfolio preparation services. Independent consultants will provide you with valuable insight into your existing portfolio. In addition to highlighting your strengths, we’ll make you aware of potential weaknesses and areas of growth. Consultants will also review your transcript and recommend additional courses, extra-curricular activities and summer programs that may help to build on your skills and increase content.

In addition to sharing best practices for prospective professional artists, our consultants will strategize your portfolio to showcase your strengths. If you’re applying to more than one art college, they can maximize your portfolio for multiple applications.

Additional Services

Although art portfolio preparation is important, there are cursory details that can also play a part in bolstering your artwork. The Portfolio College Counseling consultants can assist in crafting creative resumes, visual supplements and artist statements to strengthen your application. They can also assist in proper labeling and inventory of your work, in addition to preparing files for digitization.

Independent Counselors

The independent counselors at Portfolio College Counseling are just that – independent. We’re not tied to any organization or institution of higher education. We train our consultants to advise college-bound students free from bias or obligation. Working auxiliary to a school counselor, our consultants provide individual counseling tailored to our students’ needs. We emphasize college fit over fad, and will recommend programs that we think are a great match. Whether you have a dream school in mind or are struggling to find a major, our independent counselors can help.

Invest In Your Future

Founded in 2008, Portfolio College Counseling has helped hundreds of students achieve their creative education and career goals. We design our counseling plans around our students’ individual abilities, needs and future objectives. Consultants will listen carefully to your ideas and complete a comprehensive review. We’ll then advise you on the best next steps to take in order to reach your full potential.

For comprehensive services in art portfolio preparation, contact Portfolio College Counseling today!