Art Portfolio Counseling

The experts at Portfolio College Counseling offer comprehensive design and art portfolio counseling services for creative thinkers that want a competitive edge when applying to college, graduate school, and beyond.

Art Portfolio Counseling: The Basics

Your portfolio is more than just a collection of your best creative works. It’s a representation of your personal growth, discipline and commitment, and connects the dots of who you are, what you’ve overcome, and where you’re headed. At Portfolio College Counseling, we guide students in developing their personal portfolios to best showcase their strengths, identities and abilities. Art portfolio counseling is a useful tool in preparing your portfolio to best communicate who you are to who you want to impress.

Portfolio College Courses Services

After an initial review of your portfolio, we’ll provide critique and make suggestions on appropriate improvements. We strategize on how best to organize your work in order to showcase your strengths, meet and exceed set requirements, and maximize your portfolio for multiple applications. Whether you need help preparing your artist statement or crafting a more creative resume, we can offer you valuable insight into what admissions officers and potential employers are looking for. In addition to improving your existing portfolio, we can also review your transcripts and make suggestions on extra or co-curricular activities and summer art programs that could further enhance your resume. By comparing your achievements against the requirements set by your top colleges and employers, we can strategize the best course of action to ensure you’re fulfilling all necessary prerequisites. In addition to working one-on-one with art and design students, we also partner with other college constituents that want to supplement their available services on behalf of their creative student clientele. In addition to creating presentations and webinars, we also host workshops for students, parents, art organizations and colleges.

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