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art portfolio for collegeSuccessfully preparing your art portfolio for college is a multi-faceted process that can significantly influence your chances of gaining acceptance into your top school. Don’t underestimate the importance of a well thought out and strategized portfolio. The independent counselors at Portfolio College Counseling are experts in crafting your collection of creative works into a display that skillfully showcases your strengths and communicates your creative insight.

Most art schools require a comprehensive portfolio as part of the admissions process. And the more competitive the college, the more your portfolio plays a role in your acceptance. This collection of your work doesn’t just show off your artistic ability. It acts as a sort of road map. It shows admissions officers where you’ve been, who you are now, and what’s up ahead. By perfectly crafting your portfolio, you can effectively communicate who you are. As well as what sets you apart from the rest.

How We Can Help

At Portfolio College Counseling, we offer three packages tailored to our clients’ needs and budget. For a flat fee, we can review and critique your existing portfolio and make insightful suggestions for improving your work. In our Targeted Plan, our independent counselors advise you on a specific task. This includes preparing your art portfolio for college, assisting with essay writing, course planning, etc. But for more all-inclusive assistance, our Comprehensive Plan includes a complete consultation to outline your specific objectives and strategize how we can accomplish them using our appropriate services.

For art students, we can assist with review and critique of your existing work. Our independent counselors will make suggestions on content editing, as well as possible assignments or recommended classes, programs and extra-curricular activities to enhance and build content. We can also assist with creating compelling artists’ statements, visual supplements and resumes. For online portfolio submissions, our counselors will instruct on best practices for both labeling work and digitizing files.

Although we specialize in perfecting art portfolios for college, our services can also be applied to non-art students as well! If you need help with college visits, internship placements, standardized testing or scholarship searches, our independent counselors can help.

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Perfect your portfolio and stand out among the rest with Portfolio College Counseling. Our independent consultants will showcase your skills and tout your talents through expertly crafted admissions materials. Contact us today for an edge above the competition!